Classics of Science Fiction

Classics of Science Fiction version 4 is now up at its own domain. Go there to see the newest lists and read essays about classic science fiction novels. Below are essays that are still on this site.


Forgotten Classics of Science Fiction

Essays About Science Fiction

7 thoughts on “Classics of Science Fiction”

  1. Thanks for liking my post Classic Sci Fi 1 ( reason you got there is that I belatedly responded to the demise of James Wallace Harris list and posted your other two blogs as an alternative. I’d be interested in any of your comments on Classic Sci Fi 1 to 9, especially the William Gibson ones which Cory Doctorow liked. I will respond in kind over time, as I hope you will. I enjoy your posts!

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Jim,

    Do you have an Inkling of an old science fiction book (s) that dealt with intergalactic travel, and a super lux metal to build ships. It reminds me of old Tom Swift books I read in the 70’s.


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