Favorite Novels

These aren’t just the novels I emotionally loved, but books I admired, respected,  recommend, want to remember, plan to reread, studied and want to study. This list is a work of memory – of both recalling what I’ve read over a lifetime, and a listing to remind me who I am by what I’ve read. Sadly, it’s also a list to supplement my aging and forgetting brain.

I figure I’ve read at least 2,000 novels in my lifetime. However, but not even one-tenth of them will make this list (currently at 171). It seems I could have skipped an awful lot of books. Many of the novels on this list are ones I’ve reread and plan to reread again. However, as I reread books I might remove them from the list. I’m expecting this list to shrink as I age.

My mind can barely recall these titles now. And as I reread these books, I will drop some from the list because they are forgettable. Others I will drop because I will no longer be able to keep them in my memory. I expect as I age, my list will distill down to a much shorter list, to ones I will regularly reread and cherish.