To The Bearers of False Witness Against Our Democracy

by James Wallace Harris, 2/23/21

When I was in school back in the 1950s and 1960s we were taught that America was the best example of democracy, and it was our most valuable export. The history I was taught, also claimed we inspired a slow worldwide conversion to democracy since the founding of America. Those lessons were something we took very seriously, and for most Americans it was politically sacred. We looked down on those corrupt government and leaders in other countries that undermined democracy as barbarians. And most of all, we believed America was impervious to any such corruption.

Well, we were wrong. Conservatives have taken up the weapon of denialism, first wielding it against science, then journalism, and now democracy. Denialism is a weapon of mass destruction. Donald Trump spent months carpet bombing America with denialism against democracy, claiming our system of voting is corrupt and full of fraud. It was Trump’s backup plan in case he lost the election, and his followers embraced that plan wholeheartedly. Even now the Republican party is doing everything it can to undermine democracy so they can win back power in 2022.

There was no significant voter fraud in 2020, even the conservative judges Donald Trump appointed affirmed that. Anyone who knows anything about our voting systems knows it’s well monitored. But even more important armies of Americans volunteer to support our voting system each election, and to claim it is corrupt and fraudulent is to insult their dedication. That’s goes beyond anything I can imagine to undermine our national unity.

Donald Trump shat all over American democracy and his followers have embraced his acts as the way to get what they want. The only systemic fraud in American democracy are the efforts by Republicans to disenfranchise people of color and immigrants, and to undermine our voting systems. This is down to Earth evil. If you follow the news, it is quite obvious that the Republicans have decided their #1 tool for winning elections in the future is by controlling them.

I just read this quote in 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari:

Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda maestro and perhaps the most accomplished media-wizard of the modern age, allegedly explained his method succinctly: “A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

Donald Trump told his lie about election fraud so many times that it has become true to millions of people. Those lies are bearing false witness against democracy. By Republicans playing this one trump card over and over is causing their party members to believe it too. Harari went on to say:

In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote, “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly — it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.” Can any present-day fake-news peddler improve on that?

I definitely do not mean to imply any connection between Trump and the Nazis. It’s just that the Nazis wrote the manual on public manipulation. Anybody who manipulates other people use a fraction of the techniques the Nazis perfected. We all need to study those techniques to become aware of how we’re being manipulated, either by politicians, corporations, or even by our coworkers, family, and friends.

Harari in an earlier chapter worked to understand why people believe what they do. He said as a species we’re not rational, but depend on myths and group thinking to understand reality. Most Americans don’t understand our democracy and voting systems so it’s easier to sway their opinion with disinformation. Trump treats his followers not as individuals but as a group mind. This comes from from the same book:

Not only rationality, but individuality too is a myth. Humans rarely think for themselves. Rather, we think in groups. Just as it takes a tribe to raise a child, it also takes a tribe to invent a tool, solve a conflict, or cure a disease. No individual knows everything it takes to build a cathedral, an atom bomb, or an aircraft. What gave Homo sapiens an edge over all other animals and turned us into the masters of the planet was not our individual rationality but our unparalleled ability to think together in large groups.

The Republican Party has learned the power of group thinking. That’s why they are so passionate about party loyalty. Unity consistently achieves success and they know it. The trouble is people who do think for themselves can break up groups, and the group is all important to Republicans. What’s amusing is individual Republicans who do think for themselves are always jockeying for control of the party, but it seems that it was Trump who rolled out the attack on democracy and the others had to fall in line. It’s another reason why so many Republicans want to retain Trump as a leader, his successes worked, so why rock the boat.

Harari went on to say:

Yet like many other human traits that made sense in past ages but cause trouble in the modern age, the knowledge illusion has its downside. The world is becoming ever more complex, and people fail to realize just how ignorant they are of what’s going on. Consequently, some people who know next to nothing about meteorology or biology nevertheless propose policies regarding climate change and genetically modified crops, while others hold extremely strong views about what should be done in Iraq or Ukraine without being able to locate these countries on a map. People rarely appreciate their ignorance, because they lock themselves inside an echo chamber of like-minded friends and self-confirming news feeds, where their beliefs are constantly reinforced and seldom challenged.

Conservatives, like any group seeking power, have used techniques and insights into how people form opinions to shape party member’s opinions. It’s how they get their coalition to do their bidding. Harari also noted that once people form opinions they seldom change them. Once the denialism of democracy bomb was dropped there was no going back. The rank and file had to follow. This is destroying our democracy with lies and even false witnessing in courts of law and the courts of public opinion.

Even some Republicans realized this is going too far. It’s like dismantling a passenger jet in flight. We all depend on our democracy for security and happiness, even the people who no longer believe in it. I plead with all rational Republicans to stop denying democracy. Stop undermining our way of life.

I have never believed in hell because I could never imagine any compassionate God would condemn any human soul to it for eternity. Christianity teaches forgiveness, and I can forgive the people who can’t think for themselves and spread lies about democracy. They don’t know any better. But I don’t have enough forgiveness to forgive those who are capable of thinking, who know what they are doing, and who bear false witness against democracy. They can go to hell – forever.


6 thoughts on “To The Bearers of False Witness Against Our Democracy”

  1. Well, your power must be back on and you got your heat back on and you’re feeling better.
    And just this…and then I go away never to return because according to you, I suppose I should burn in hell because, well, I sorta liked Trump. But that suggests a discussion of “politics”–from way back when, you know, when only white male property owners could vote to…to where we are…now…here in 2021. And nobody (!) ever wants to go into that bottomless rabbit hole, ever, and that’s because there is plenty of “blame,” as well as “thank you,” to go around. And that simply never fits that “personal political agenda,” now does it? People have a funny way of remembering…from the past…that which fits their agenda…here in the present…for that “perfect future” as they see it…and everyone else be damned.
    Me? I can’t get a straight answer to a simple question: “Is this country a democracy or a republic?” Yes, I know. The only “acceptable” answer is…”Well, it’s really sorta kinda both. Here, lemme ‘splain it to you.” Right. It is wanting it one way…when it suits you…but not the other way…when it doesn’t fit your personal agenda.
    So for four years, I have been reading about “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. I’ve always just taken it in stride, just more bravado and posturing, the stuff of “stirring the pot” for usually rather harmless and mild-mannered political debate.
    So James, you do know that he ain’t the president, right? What is it, exactly, that keeps people, like you, keep on keeping Trump, alive, in the news, here, there, and everywhere? Don’t answer ’cause I am gone after this.
    But seriously? You, always the devout atheist, are now–and yes, I know, it is just for the sake of discussion, to “make a point”–but you are going to drag…the Bible…into all of this?
    Then I leave you with this:
    Luke 9:5
    “And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them.”
    Yes, I am always pleased to see that those on the political left are such better people, such “nicer” people, than those idiots on the right.
    James, stay safe and be well.

  2. I Appreciate what you have written and how you expressed your opinion ,and I once too had that feeling about democracy when I was young…. but the big lie still works and we’ve seen that with the Trump insurrection…..

  3. James, I’m really enjoying your blog and I hate to make my first comment a negative one but…
    If I want to cash a check or have a drink I have to show a picture I.d. so it hardly seems oppressive to ask for proper I.d. to vote. All of my hundreds of minority co-workers, friends and family have had id by age 18 and they range from middle-class to impoverished. The entire “requiring I’d is exclusionary” argument is a transparent ruse to enable voter fraud.
    Also I was in Chicago in the 80’s when a Grand Jury charged over 60 Democratic officials of election fraud and 57 were convicted. And the estimated number of fraudulent votes was 100,000 from Cook County alone. Yes, that was years ago but I’ve never seen any sign of Chicago politics being cleaned up.

    In the immortal words of Joe Biden, “C’mon man!”

    1. Chicago was always infamous for it’s political machine and corruption. But even judges appointed by Trump said there was no significant fraud in this recent election

      Countless volunteers from both parties volunteer every election and work hard to make sure everything works smoothly and legally. To just to cry fraud as a political ploy is an insult to them. We have seen no proof of any widespread fraud. Our voting system is still something we can be proud of, so we should be very careful before we tear it down with FUD.

  4. Somewhere along the way, you became a bitter individual. I’m not sure how that happened. Either life didn’t go the way you wanted, someone got to you, or you personally don’t like real freedom with responsibility. **In any room, we have only to see one honesty, decent, and strong person speak to see who everyone else is.

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