2 thoughts on “Saturday in the Park with Flowers”

  1. I’m still trying to learn how to use my Brownie*.
    But I’ll toss in a few inexpert suggestions.
    1. What do you like to see? And by that I mean see, and see again?
    2. What is it about seeing something that makes you want to see it and then see it again? Look for that.
    3. Similarity vs. Contrast. Play with that, but stick to what makes you happy.
    4. Juxtaposition. I’m not sure what that means but it sounds important.
    5. What takes your breath away by it’s beauty, contrast or it’s singularity (as in non-astrophysical)?
    6. Don’t be afraid to put a pretty lady or friend in a picture, even if the focus is on the flowers (fuzzy-looking people are OK if you get the flowers right).
    7. Structure makes a nice contrast as long as it isn’t ugly. Unless the contrast IS the ugly.
    8. Get at least one picture of you taking the pictures, even if it is out of focus. That way you can prove you took the pictures.
    9. Don’t take any pictures of clowns, unless they are really gorgeous. And even then keep them out of your portfolio.

    Very nice pix by the way, JW.

    *no trademark or copyright infringement intended, should Eastman Kodak (or it’s successors) retain any rights to the name.

  2. Flowers are a sure hit: I bet you get a lot of likes, even involuntary ones from intellectual readers. Your own judgement and goals will change and grow: it’s fun. Now I’m attracted by odd, contrasting, funny-angled industrial details as much as by sunsets.

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