How Microsoft Can Make Extra Millions When They Roll Out Windows 8

Dear Microsoft,

When Microsoft rolls out Windows 8 they could make some extra corporate chump change by selling a new version of Windows 7 that’s designed for the “I hate Windows 8” crowd.   I have a feeling there’s going to be millions of Windows 7 fans that will swear they will give up their favorite OS when it’s pried from their cold dead fingers.

I’ve installed two pre-releases of Windows 8 so far, and I just don’t like it.  Sure it has some slick new functions, but I just don’t like the way it looks.  I keep trying Mac OS and Linux, but I prefer Windows 7 by light years.  I just don’t want Windows 7 to go away.

I build my own computers and I worry that Microsoft will stop selling Windows 7.  So Microsoft, I’d like to buy a copy of Windows 7 that I could put on any machine I build in the future.  I know that operating systems only have a limited supported life, but I’d like to stretch my use of Windows 7 until I die.   I’m 60, and I only expect to live another 15-20 years.

Y’all are still supporting Windows XP which came out in 2001, so I should at least get another 12 years out of Windows 7.  The trouble is the weird activation restrictions.  I don’t blame you for copy protecting your product but it does make my plans more difficult.  How about selling a version of Windows 7 with some kind of activation scheme that ties it to me and any machine I build for home use.  It would be nice to also be able to buy a Family pack version for 3 machines.

I know it’s mean of me to call your new baby ugly, but I’m sure you’re used to old farts not wanting to try newfangled ideas.  Just whip up some kind of marketing campaign – Windows 7 Forever – and make a few extra bucks off us stick-in-the-muds.  I really don’t want to switch to Mac OS and Linux is perennially clunky.



8 thoughts on “How Microsoft Can Make Extra Millions When They Roll Out Windows 8”

  1. Well, first off, what is your problems with my first and most loved OS, Macintosh OS?

    Second, I too have problems with Linux, but mostly because I am too old to be learning command line.

    And third, while I am no fan of Win7, I do feel your pain. For me, it is WinXP for the win. I just can’t give it up. I talked tall shit about it at first. Windows XP, the XP means Xtra Pretty. After a while I changed that to XP stands for Xperience Points. That OS seems to work with you better than any other Windows I have used. I love it and I am keeping it even if they do cut it off and orphan it.

    So good luck on keeping your Windows 7. It is good to find an OS you really dig.

    1. Mac OS X is nice, but I can’t build my own machines using it. I’ve always thought Apple could have conquered the OS world if they simply sold Mac OS X to run on all machines like Linux.

      1. Well, since they moved to Intel machines you should be able to put it on a standard Intel box with out too much trouble.

  2. You have always been on the cutting edge when it comes to computers. Whenever I ask you questions about hardware or software, you know the answers. So it makes me think that Windows 8 must be truly awful if a computer Evel Knievel like you hates it that much. What about a blog that details where Windows 8 goes wrong?

    1. My main problem with Windows 8 is the Metro interface. It’s butt ugly in my eyes. Metro might be very functional, with it’s at-a-glance status readouts for each app pane is handy. However, Metro wants apps to be full screen, and I’ve always liked the desktop metaphor with overlapping windows. It’s possible to drop out of Metro into the desktop, but it’s not the same Windows 7 interface. If Microsoft had left Windows 7 underneath Windows 8 as training wheels I might eventually adapt and adjust, but it hasn’t. There’s no Start menu button.

      I assume Microsoft is wanting to drag us into a new user interface paradigm, and one that they’ve probably proven in labs to be more efficient and elegant, but I’m being a piss-ant and dragging my feet. I love the desktop metaphor. I don’t want to leave it. I don’t mind them enhancing it, but I don’t want to abandon the desktop.

      I’m also well adapted to the mouse, and don’t like track pads and touch screens. I hate when people touch my screen and leave finger prints. I get tired of my iPad and iPod touch getting all finger smudged. Metro is essentially a touch interface.

      Not only do I not want to leave the desktop, I want a larger screen with more resolution. I currently have a 23″ screen with 1920×1080 resolution. Double those pixels and give me about a 25″ screen and I think I’d be real happy. I’ve been using two monitors at work and I’m thinking about adding a second for home. I can’t imagine Metro working well with multiple monitors.

  3. Yeah, I feel the same way about Windows XP. And I’m still mad that they stopped supporting Windows 98, which is still on my old computer (not that I ever use it).

    When it comes to Windows 8 – or any new version – I worry about being able to play my old games on it. Some won’t even work on Windows 7, from what I hear. And heck, I still play DOS games, sometimes.

    I’ve got hundreds of computer games here. I’m not kidding. And while I’ll never go back and play most of them, I do dig out old games to play, quite frequently.

    Game developers hate that, because when I’m playing an old game, I’m not playing a new one. In fact, mainstream developers have pretty much stopped selling games. In many cases, these days, you just have the right to play the game,… for as long as the developer wants you to keep playing it and no longer.

    And since Microsoft sells game consoles, I don’t think they care about PC game-players at all. Or, at least, it’s far down their list of priorities (which generally involves getting as much money from us as possible).

    Well, we’ll see. We old farts don’t welcome change much, do we? 🙂

    1. I always thought of Windows 7 as an improved version of Windows XP. But Windows 8 seems like something radically different. I would have been happy with Windows 7 Plus.

      I resist change, but I sometimes appreciate it and welcome it. I loved when HD TV came out. But I had no desire for 3D TV. I think smartphones are far out, but I wouldn’t want to pay for one. I was all for CDs when they came out, but I sometimes miss LPs.

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