When Will Computers Stop Transforming Our Lives?

There is a before and after photo going around the Internet that beautifully illustrates how much we’ve transformed between two Popes.


Change is inevitable, but this is getting ridiculous.  And what if Google Glass catches on?


How soon until we all become Borgs?


And at some point, will we become more machine than human?


JWH – 3/15/13

3 thoughts on “When Will Computers Stop Transforming Our Lives?”

  1. We have a problem with LOGOS. The Catholic Church says Logos means word. But lies are just as much words as anything else.

    But computers only manipulate symbols. They do not understand the symbols. The computer science people do not emphasize this much. How can computers give us better information? Are we really using them to produce and distribute more BS faster? That is all marketing is.

    I don’t think Google Glass will be any better than tablets.

    But science fiction helped promote General Semantics and Heinlein mentioned Loglan in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. What can computers do for Logos?

    1. Yeah, but I’m hoping computers will one day understand symbols. I’m assuming cyber consciousness will be closer to Zen consciousness.

      I think you’re right about Google glass. I’m thinking tablets will probably be better than neural input jacks, at least for sighted people.

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