Global Warming On Trial–A New Type of Reality Show

Although global warming is well accepted in the scientific world, the concept has been strongly rejected by much of the American public.  Since CSI type television shows are very popular, as well as court and crime dramas, I’ve wondered if this conflict on global warming doesn’t present us with a potentially new type of reality TV show.

Put global warming on public trial.  Let both sides of the argument present witnesses and testimony.  Let the TV viewers be the jury.  It will be hard to develop the show without bias, but if it’s designed right, we might get close to impartiality in the structure of the trial.  The prosecution will be the scientists with the crime being that humanity is causing global warming.  The defense will be all the people who believe humanity is innocent.

To make the show more interesting, it would be appealing to have real trial lawyers working each side of the case, and maybe even a real judge, or judges to preside over procedures.  This would be an expensive show to produce, and it could take months to play out.  To make it more appealing, we should allow the public to vote on the progress in each episode, and to vote on aspects of how the trail is being conducted.

I know the public will vote the way they feel now about the subject – how impartial is Dancing with the Stars?  It will be interesting to see if the numbers change though.  Can people be persuaded by facts?

This could be the trial of the century, and people love those.  Certainly, global warming could be the crime of the century.

If such a show was developed, it could be very popular.  I’m tired of the old reality shows.  Having a more realistic reality show is appealing.  And once this case is over, pick another.

JWH – 7/7/12

4 thoughts on “Global Warming On Trial–A New Type of Reality Show”

  1. That’s a great idea, James! Unfortunately I think the anti-science crowd would run away from the trial because they know their corporate-funded disinformation campaign would be blown out of the water. They are doing better by keeping the facts hidden.

    1. Oh, the industry is savvy enough to know such a show would hurt them, but many people on the right believe they are right and would like to disprove the liberals. Conservatives are an argumentative crowd and might love to battle it out.

        1. My father was a lifer in the Air Force. I used to work with an old guy who was a meteorologist in the Air Force. He used to ride in bombers in the Korean and Vietnam wars to collect weather data. He had lots of great stories.

          Last night I was arguing global warming with a guy who claimed there was no evidence of warming in the last decade of data. I had no specific data to argue back. That’s the thing about this issue, it’s very hard to quote exact or original data. Everyone can believe exactly what they want. I wonder if they saw the discussion done like a trial, with evidence argued over in detail, would it sway anyone’s opinion?

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