Clear Explanation of Fast and Furious Scandal

I highly recommend watching this video – it’s enlightening on so many levels.

By the way, I’m all for gun ownership.  Maybe if all us liberals joined the NRA they’d feel less paranoid.  Obama has done nothing about control and that’s caused immense fear in the NRA community.  Fear drives people to desperate thinking and this video explains how.  Maybe Obama should join the NRA.

I’ve been hearing about the Fast and Furious scandal in the national news and wondered what the hell was going on.  This video makes everything clear.

Thanks to Bill at That’s interesting… for the link.

JWH – 6/23/12

One thought on “Clear Explanation of Fast and Furious Scandal”

  1. I’d just like them to release the documents they’re hiding so we can move on from this and get everyone focused on the economy again. I don’t watch Fox News nor do I watch MSNBC. What I see is a president that has issued an order to hide something after saying he would be transparent as well as federal agents that were killed as a result of this “plan” to track guns that has gone awry. She talks about the “rest of us”. I’m one of the ones that falls into that category. I personally want to know what the transparency Obama promised us. I personally voted for him last time however I’m swaying this time around because of his actions thus far in office. This type of thing bothers me no matter how hard the media tries to spin it. Release the documents, deal with it, and let’s move on.

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