Rush Limbaugh v. Women

The focus of the recent Rush Limbaugh scandal has been his personal attack on Sandra Fluke, which showed Limbaugh to be a crude, repulsive individual.  Even more offensive than calling an obviously intelligent, successful and well mannered young woman a slut, a young woman who would make any parent proud to have her as a daughter, was the fact that Limbaugh was making a major assault on women in  general.  Normally I think women should write about women’s issues, but I’m not seeing the massive feminist counter attack that Limbaugh deserves.  Why?

Slut v. Stud

Slut is a word no one should use anymore.  It should be categorized with the N-word.  It’s extremely prejudiced against women.  If a guy has sex with 100 women, he’s a stud, and society admires him, if a woman has sex with a 100 men, she’s a slut and society looks down on her.  That’s condemning half the human race to a double standard that destroys their freedom.  Limbaugh is a big windbag that often talks about freedom but he seems to know so little about it.  The Pill has freed women from hundreds of thousands of years of sexual tyranny.

From the first day The Pill went on the market it should have been free to any woman who wanted it.  The males of the human race owe the females that much.  Before the advent of birth control it was common for men to literally fuck their wives to death by forcing them to go through constant pregnancies.  Because of our double-standards towards sexuality, women have been condemned to millennia of indentured servitude at best, and constant rape at worse.

Once The Pill came on the market woman could pursue ambitions outside of the home, and become equal with men in the workplace.  The Pill is literally a pill for liberation and freedom.  People who are against women using the pill are actually advocating the enslavement of women.  This puts any religion against contraception on the wrong side of morality.  But then religion has always lagged far behind the forefront of justice, ethics and morality.

Free and Freedom

Rush Limbaugh attacked Sandra Fluke because he doesn’t want The Pill to be free.  He doesn’t want society to pay for it.  That stance is far more offensive and repugnant than any words he used against Sandra Fluke personally.  He is saying women do not deserve to be free.  He is saying woman are not equal to men.  He is saying women should be owned.  He is saying sexual expression for women is wrong.  Women deserve the same sexual freedoms as men.  If a working prostitute had gotten up in front of congress and said she needed free access to the pill there should have not have been one moral judgment made against of her.

This issue of free birth control provided by healthcare should never have come up.  The Pill should have always been free.  Mr. Limbaugh, I think you owe all women a huge apology, and the only sincere one that I can think of is if you wrote an insanely large check to Planned Parenthood.

America is the land of the free, and Rush Limbaugh just became its biggest anti-freedom fighter.

Defies Logic

What’s amusing is how illogical Limbaugh’s selfish stance is.  He wants to pay less taxes.  He doesn’t want to pay to help other people.  Giving The Pill away will reduce health costs.  It will mean less unwanted children, especially ones that will use the entitlement programs he so dearly hates.  It will mean less abortions.

If women were given proper sex education and birth control so they only had babies when they were ready, healthcare costs would go way down, and so would infant mortality statistics.   You want to stop abortions – provide free birth control and sex education.  All of this would lower your taxes Mr. Limbaugh, and that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

JWH – 3/7/12

14 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh v. Women”

  1. some people in our society believe that if a woman has two partners she is a slut. so many teenage girls give blowjobs and have anal sex so that they are “virgins” on their wedding night.

  2. Thank you for writing so well and saying what many of us women would like to say. It is time for slavery of all sorts to end. Women have brains and many are very willing to do the work that it takes to make communities thrive. Women are and have been a great untapped resource. The problem as I see it is that men are afraid of women and the power they have. Thank you for stepping up and speaking out!

    1. My blog is read by few people. Nor am I original in what I say. I only wrote this essay because I’m not reading it elsewhere. I had hoped hordes of women would have written about these issues. I worry conservatives are convincing people that their old ways of thinking are the right.

      1. About: “I worry conservatives are convincing people that their old ways of thinking are the right.”

        I think the religious conservatives are making headway with this idea. My mom asked me if birth control was a form of abortion. I kind of avoided it by telling her her no- there was no fetus yet to abort – but that’s not saying there’s not a fertilized egg, is it, and that’s the argument.

        But there’s always the sperm-person law:‘sperm-person’-resolution

  3. Thank you. I am so glad I was able to choose to have only 2 children. Had I been born 20 years prior I might have had 6 or 7 like my mom and my aunts. My sisters and peers are free to pursue careers and other things. We can leave abusive husbands. Actually, considering what happened to often, we can live healthy lives.

  4. I don’t think Catholic institutions should be forced to pay for/provide birth control for anyone- it is against their beliefs and this nation was found on separation from church and state. Did she go to a Catholic institution? I can’t recall. I have always tuned anything with Rush Limbaugh out because he is a blustery, bombastic oaf.

    When I was young, OC weren’t covered by insurance at all – how stupid is that? No doubt if Viagra had been available then, it would have been covered. But not the OC.

    1. I’m sorry, but the sins of the Catholic Church, current and past, are so long, I feel they owe this to women. But you are right, this is an issue of separation of Church and State, but it’s also an issue of personal freedom. It’s a very complicated issue. But I feel personally, at least with the Catholic Church, I don’t feel they should be in the business of casting stones right now.

      1. The Catholic Church isn’t allowed to practice slavery and they aren’t exempt from paying minimum wage. The Mormon church isn’t exempt from polygamy statutes. Christian Scientists are held liable for the deaths of their children when they withhold critical medical care. There are lots of other scenarios and withholding birth control is no different.

    2. In the name of religious freedom you will create new tyranny. It might be unpalatable to some groups to pay for contraception. But not doing this means your employer get to decide what YOU can do in your private life. What if your employer thinks circumcision is wrong? He can keep your children from being circumcised. What if he thinks gluttony is a sin. He could keep you from getting insulin or other blood-sugar drugs if you become diabetic. The rules the republicans propose don’t even follow major principles of major religions, an employer could decide he doesn’t want to pay anything for any reason, he just has to say he thinks its wrong!

      This is more about killing the affordable healthcare act than any real religious issue. Catholic hospitals and other large organizations with substantial non-catholic workers already pay for contraception and have for decades, this outrage is fake, made up by political consultants.

      When will people begin to think? To understand the level of manipulation and lies they are lead with?

      So many churches have nothing to do with religion, they serve as a street-team for politicians and a cash-cow for their pastors. Their teachings couldn’t have less to do with the principles of Jesus of Nazareth if they declared they were followers of Satan. They are fueled by hate and fear. How long can people live their lives on bitterness? Will these people ever realize how they are manipulated and controlled?

  5. It feels good to read things like that.

    And about “slut” word, I’m not so sure that it should be censored by some kind of political corectness. Few days ago I’ve read an article about this case, and femminist “slut movement” – actions trying to regain the word “slut”, that started in Canada after one of police officers said something like: if women don’t want to be rape, they shoudl avoid dressing like sluts.

    1. That’s an excellent article that brings us several issues. The slutwalks are about accepting women however they choose to dress. The bigger issue is accepting woman for however they want to conduct their lives sexually. But even a more important issue is accepting women for what they choose to be without defining them sexually at all. This is very hard for men because we have built in sensors that measure women by their sexually attributes – but that’s something we have to overcome. Rush Limbaugh’s attitudes reflect a control of women, and his strong reactions makes me wonder if he’d prefer women to wear burkas.

      1. Considering the amount of viagra he takes with him on vacation, I’m sure he just wants other peoples women to wear burkas, his will be naked (perhaps and lobotomized if a functioning brain wasn’t required for them to give head).

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