Protestor Insensitivity

Newt Gingrich tells the OWS protesters to “Go get a job right after you take a bath.”

To me that has all the sensitivity of telling the peasants “Let them eat cake.”

In a time when millions desperately struggle to find a job, it’s very insensitive to tell anyone in this country to “Go get a job” as if jobs were freely available.  If more people had jobs we wouldn’t have protesters, or is that too hard for you Mr. Gingrich to understand?  As someone wanting the job as our leader, I don’t think you are doing your job of understanding what America needs.  Of course, conservatives have one answer for all our ills – lower taxes.  In good times, it’s lower taxes, in bad times it’s lower taxes, during war time it’s lower taxes.  Mr. Gingrich, I don’t think you hate the protesters because they don’t have jobs, you hate them because to solve their problems requires raising taxes.

Do all Republicans study the same group speak manual?  I hear this get a job and take a bath line all over now from folks on the right.  It’s the same automatic response I heard in the 1960s.  Hey, pay attention, today’s protesters aren’t hippies, look close at this film, the protesters are well dressed and clean.  They are normal students, and according to one professor they are extremely good students.  The only reason they might need a bath is to wash off the pepper spray.

But back to the issue of telling people to get a job Mr. Gingrich – the protestors actually are working at their job of protesting the wrongs in our society.  This has been a nasty job that few people would take for years because we’ve all been too busy getting ahead in life and not paying attention to how things are actually working – which is badly.  Now we’ve discovered that millions of people in America are out of work, one in six are on food stamps, and the rich are getting so rich they are leaving very little money in the GDP to be divided by the 99%.  Someone needs to be protesting.  Hell, it should it should be your job Mr. Gingrich, but hey, you already work for the 1%.  Republicans are quite industrious at protesting Barack Obama, but they total slackers at protesting the real problems in America.

When our leaders fail us and economic times are bad, there are lots of jobs in the protesting profession.  Anyone wanting the job of President in 2012 better get used to protesters.  Mr. Gingrich, you know history.  The OWS protesters are cute bunny rabbits compared to the violent mobs of angry poor we’ll be seeing if you keep downsizing the government and cutting taxes.

Nor are these protesters doing their protesting job badly.  They were following the correct rules of passive resistance set down by Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King.  Everyone is focusing on the first part of this video where the officer sprays the kids with orange pepper spray – but everyone is ignoring the sublime second half of the film.  The onlookers in the crowd start chanting, “Shame on you, shame on you” and they keep chanting “Shame on you,” until the police back away and leave.  Even the police knew they had made a mistake.  Look at their faces.  Most of them knew the protesters were doing their protesting job properly, and they had made a mistake in doing their police work.  But you didn’t see that Mr. Gingrich, all you see is your lower taxes playbook and worrying about the cost of parks and bathrooms.

Mr. Gingrich, I don’t think you are doing your job properly, so shame on you.  In 2012 we need a leader who will listen to the people and see what 100% of the people need.  This leader needs to stop reading from the group think teleprompter.  Don’t tell Americans to get a job, because it’s your job to create jobs.  Shame on you Newt Gingrich for being such a lazy fat-cat politician.  If politicians had been doing there jobs millions wouldn’t be out of work today.  You need to get another job – but not the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I’m a law and order kind of guy.  I don’t want to see Kent State or 1968 Chicago again.  I hate seeing the police forced into being the bad guys during another social upheaval.  Politicians who use inflaming rhetoric attacking protesters are the trouble makers to me.  To all in that crowd that clapped for you Mr. Gingrich, shame on them too.  They don’t have a clue as to what freedom means. 

Those kids at UC Davis were clean and orderly.  Sure, at some protest rallies they get idiots who do stupid things and use a protest event to go crazy – those numbskulls you can pepper spray all you want.  But if young people, out of work people, and old people with dwindling pensions want to protest, they got a right to in this country as long as they do it nonviolently and orderly.  Give them the facilities to hold protests as long as they are willing to show up for the job.  I don’t want America to be compared to Egypt or Syria where they shoot protestors.  We should all be supporting our kids new interest in politics.

JWH – 11/21/11

3 thoughts on “Protestor Insensitivity”

  1. Well, you’re absolutely right, Jim. But did you hear the applause from Republicans? It’s hard to believe, but the Republican base just eats this stuff up.

    Surely they’re not all rich. And don’t any of them wonder why we’re in such a mess these days, if cutting taxes on the rich really was such a great thing? Where’s this booming economy we were promised from trickle-down economics?

    The sad thing is, most Americans don’t pay any attention to this stuff. The right-wing base will nominate the looniest Republican they can get, and in the general election, most voters won’t have a clue.

    They’ll just know they’re unhappy, so they’ll vote out the incumbent president. And that’s exactly why Republican leaders are doing their best to keep them unhappy.

    1. Yeah, and they used to eat up Spiro Agnew and Joe Pyne too. Where are they now. There’s no accounting for taste.

      Republicans will applaud some horrific comments. It makes you wonder what they are thinking.

  2. There’s just no room for a moderate Republican (or a moderate anything) on the ticket these days. Look at what happened with McCain. I seriously considered getting behind McCain until I saw him try to veer far to the Right just to appease the voters. The extremes are the only ones that are heard, and here Gingrich is definitely going for an extreme soundbyte. The Right professes individual responsibility, which is fine, but it’s just idiotic to say “get a job” when most young people would like to do just that. His whole argument in that clip is that these people don’t want to work and are just leeching off of the system, but he doesn’t seem to grasp the simple idea that these people aren’t protesting the rich, they are protesting that the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else. As a college teacher and an academic, I run into tons of young people who would be just fine being middle class with decent health care and job security, but economic crises like the recession make that extremely difficult. The middle class can drive this country back out of the recession, but now you have college grads fighting for any kind of work they can get, and having a degree for what menial jobs are out there can make you overqualified and actually hurts your chances of employment. We’re in a strange time where people will lie on applications and claim that they DONT have a college degree when they actually do just to get a job as a retail clerk.

    Irresponsible practices on Wall Street end up hurting even those who HAVE been responsible with their spending and finances. So, Mr. Gingrich, how do you address the issue of someone who has done all the right, responsible things and finds himself/herself suddenly bankrupt/jobless/homeless due to the misdeeds of investors who are not suitably punished for their crimes? Screw ’em? If Gingrich is going to even have a hope in heck of winning, he better have a better solution to the problems on Wall Street and in the job market than “shut up and take it.”

    I wonder what Mr. Gingrich would say to this article by Warren Buffet, the second richest man in America, saying that the rich SHOULD pay more taxes:

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