What if Our World is Their Heaven?

Let’s imagine another place, another realm of existence, where beings live in harmony and togetherness.  They have no clothes, no houses, no cities, no jobs, no cars, no weather and no bodies.   They live a simple existence of being.  And they’ve been living that way for trillions of years.  They don’t die, they don’t suffer, they don’t crave, but after an eternal time one of these beings asks, “I wonder what it would be like if our existence was different?”

So these beings started thinking about that until one of them said to the others, “Aren’t we different now?”

“What do you mean?” the others asked.

“We never imagined being different before.”

And the others understood.

After many eons these beings created many different subtle aspects to their existence and they learned to crave variety, but even after billions of years their lives were still homogenous and bland.  Then one of the beings asked, “What if there is a place where things are very different?  What if we could go there?”

And they thought about that for a very long time.  And they named this different place Heaven.  And they dreamed of Heaven not knowing what it would be like.  Finally a higher being that watched over these lesser beings decided to do something, so it created Earth and sent the beings there but let them forgot who they were.

And those beings pursued a never ending evolution becoming different.  Eventually some of them tired of change and dreamed of finding a place of unity and harmony.

So the beings split into two species.  One wanted to go forward seeking even more new experiences, and the others ached to find a new place to live.  They called this new place Heaven, not remembering that this world had once been their Heaven.

JWH 10/26/11

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