The Lights in the Sky are Stars

    “Because something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?” – Bob Dylan

    I think people forget we live in a fantastically large universe. We’re bacteria living in a drop of water and imagine the few molecules we swim in are the crown of creation, the darling of God’s eye. Light polution has stolen the Milky Way from our lives and shrunk our universe. Most people never look up any more and speculate beyond the event horizon of their lives. Sense of wonder and philosophy has been replaced by gossip about Anna Nicole Smith. Is it no wonder that the uneducated of the world crave their old time gods? DVDs and iPods can’t give the young transcendence. We live in the most exciting time of all history but the only philosophers we have are ones that tell us how to cope with stress, lose weight, invest money, or quibble over left and right politics. Where are our transcendental explorers? Our population seems divided between people who want to ignore reality by partying till they die or those who ignore reality by feverishly studying ancient religious texts and praying for a rebirth in another reality – one that is simple and easy to understand.

    If you wake up to The Today Show, come home from work to the ABC World News Tonight, and go to sleep with Eyewitness News and Jay Leno, then your view of our monsterously large multiverse is rather tacky and small. Watch the Discovery Channel in High Definition – it is the Henry David Thoreau of our times. A telescope will help you learn how small you are and a microscope will teach you how big you are. Ask yourself this question: What should I be doing in this immense creation that has no guidebook or instruction manual. For most of history our philosophers have asked: “Why are we here?” Up till now people have answered that question by believing in the silly idea that we’re being judged on our behavior and assume the judgement determines our immortal life in the reality after this one. Imagine if ants thought one human judged their every action.

Get over it. There is no reason why. We’re not being judged and there is no reality after this one. This reality is our final destination – our only vacation from oblivion. We’ve all gone to Hawaii and all we do is sit in our hotel room and watch reruns of That 70’s Show. How lame is that. We need to remember every moment of our lives that the lights in the sky are stars.


5 thoughts on “The Lights in the Sky are Stars”

  1. One of the things I long for is to take a vacation out into the desert and finally see the stars. For me that’s magic. I’d so hoped that the moon would be dim enough to see them when we were in Moab two years ago, but unfortunately it was too full the whole time we were there. We did drive into Arches at night though, hoping to see the Milky Way, but instead were treated to a moon so bright that it turned everything white (which was rather cool in its own right). The last time I can remember seeing the Milky Way was back before I was married, when Jeff and I went up to Lake John for a weekend, so it’s been at least ten years.

    And I totally agree about Discovery HD. It’s an awesome channel. I wish we could get the History Channel in HD as well. There’s some cool science channels that we have here on Comcast Digital which are rather nice and I like watching those before I go to bed, especially the ones about interplanetary travel and the planets. There’s been some really good ones lately.

    And I really wish everyone would stop talking about ANS, as if she’s important in any way. What’s really sad is that all the news stations devote hours to her death, but do they give as much time to the lives of individual soldiers who are giving their lives over in the Middle East? Heck no. What’s even more sickening though is that the American public are more interested in her than those soldiers.

  2. Doug, you are in a good position to write a modern version of Walden’s Pond. I wish I was brave enough to buy a cabin and go live near nature like you have done. Maybe someday.

    Traci, I’ve only seen good views of the Milky Way a few times in my life. It’s always overwhelming. I’ve seen some stunning views of it on Discovery HD. I have a 56″ HDTV and nature shows are among the most impressive TV shows to watch. I get far more sense of wonder thrills from Discovery HD than I do from the SciFi channel. I think science fiction needs to be more philosophical and less action packed.


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