If you haven’t been to PickensPlan.com yet, please stop by and view the short video.  T. Boone Pickens, the big oil man has big plans for wind power.  This video should make you feel better about the current oil crisis.  Just the thinking is a step in the right direction.


Mr. Pickens’ plan is pretty straight forward and sounds both practical and doable.  It’s not a complete solution, but it would dramatically reduce the demand for oil and in a reasonable amount of time.  We need more billionaires out there thinking up ideas like this one.

What’s amazing is there is so many people coming up with great ideas that I wonder why people do not feel more positive about the future.  Just look at what the last two days of piddling good news has done for the stock market.  It only takes positive thinking to create a bull market.  Sure, we shouldn’t live in fantasy land and ignore our problems and failures.  I can’t see why the nightly news can’t present at least a 50-50 mix of good and bad news, instead of a long stream of negatives with a token upbeat story at the end.

If the middle of America could be made into a giant wind farm, why can’t the deserts be turned into giant solar energy farms?  I expect the next twenty-five years to be exciting and transformational.  If every oil billionaire comes up with a substitute for oil we should be energy independent in no time.