A New Look


If you are a regular reader of Auxiliary Memory you’ve notice that things look different.  The URL has been changed to be easier to remember – http://auxiliarymemory.com.  The purpose of the new layout is to make online reading more pleasant, and to simplify the look on smartphones or tablets.  There is one simple menu at the top of the page under the three horizontal line symbol.

My new goal is to write more enjoyable essays to read.  Essays with more content and structure.  This will involve more research and study.  Most readers come to this site because Google directs them here, but I do have a few friends who are regular readers.  Readers from Google are researching a topic.  Now that I’m retired I have more time to study, and this gives me an opportunity prowl the web for fascinating subjects to write about.  This exercises my aging mind and improves my writing skills.  Writing has become my main retirement hobby.

I’ll continue to write biographical pieces, but I want to write less about me.  As I’ve worked to research new subjects I’ve learned that journalism is  stimulating and challenging.  My hit statistics show certain kinds of essays get no hits.  There are many reasons for this.  First, the essay is blather about nothing, so there is nothing for Google to index.  Second, many other people have written about the topic better and Google points to their essays.  Or third, I’ve written about something that no one even bothers to query Google.

Yes, I do have friends and a few subscribers that read whatever I write, and I’m grateful for their encouragement.  To replay their kindness I feel inspired to work harder.  I must write about things that interest me, but the challenge of being a writer requires I be more interesting to others.  The simplicity of my new layout is intended to keep my focus on words and sentences worth reading.

JWH – 9/20/14  

6 thoughts on “A New Look”

  1. I’m a regular reader and I like your old blogging style which makes me think I’ll probably like the new style.

    I actually come to your site weekly and I think the former style had the date on the top of the post. Now that the date is at the end, I find it more difficult. When going back over the week it’s nice to come to the date first in each article so I know if I’ve read it or not. I would definitely be for a change that puts the date at the top.

    I also blog and now I wonder if I am losing smart phone views with my more cluttered site.

  2. I’ll see if I can change the location of the date. There were several little trade-offs I had to deal with, so this new theme isn’t perfect. If you’re using WordPress you can go to the Themes section and try them out. Each theme has an icon for previewing the look of computer, tablet, phone. I don’t know if this is coincidental, but since I switched to the new theme I’ve been getting more people subscribing. Although, it’s possible switching to my own domain has helped.

    Thanks for being a regular reader Larry. I started blogging for writing practice. At first I didn’t expect any readers other than a couple of friends. Now that more people are telling me they read the site I feel like I must be improving, and it makes me want to try harder. That’s very encouraging.

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