Update: The Classics of Science Fiction

I’ve had a web site devoted to identifying the classics of science fiction since the early days of the world wide web.  It is based on an article I wrote for Lan’s Lantern, a fanzine, back in the 1980s.  Well, for the last week I’ve been updating this web site to look more modern, and to use validated XHTML and CSS.  It’s still not that fancy looking, but it no longer looks like a 1994 web site.

I also rewrote the introduction.  I reread the original introduction today and was depressed by how long and boring it was.  I’m a wordy bastard.  The new intro is about one fifth as long, but is still probably too verbose.  At least I hope the new menu makes getting around easier.

If I was a young person, one career I’d like to pursue is web design.  I wish I was more artistic and had graphic design skills.  At least my Classics of Science Fiction site gives me a chance to have web design as a hobby.

JWH – 5/12/10

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