Songs Rated 10

I am home today because of a snow day, and I felt deliciously sleepy, so I put on my Songs Rated 10 at, turned up the volume, kicked back in the La-Z-Boy, covered up with a warm fuzzy blanket and let my mind float away with the music.  I absolutely LOVE listening to my favorite tunes when I’m half asleep, drifting in and out of slumber land.  I play the music loud so it constantly jerks me back to near wakefulness, usually as each song begins, and then I slowly fall back into unconsciousness.  This is as close as I can get to listening to music high anymore – it’s been decades since I  mixed music and smoke.

My Songs Rate 10 playlist are cuts that I can listen to anytime, in any order, and repeated endlessly.  My lullabies currently represent 47 songs from various genres dated from 1965-2009.  Click on the link and you can see and even play the list.  This is the magic of Lala.  They let anyone play a song once for free, so it’s a great site for sharing music.  I wonder if anyone else in the world has this particular list of 47 songs?

These songs resonate in my mind in a way I can’t comprehend.  Somehow these songs are on the same frequency as my emotions because when I play them they make my feelings well up and become highly sensitive to the music’s words and notes.  Their rhythms stimulates my thoughts, their melodies flow around my synapses freeing old memories.  My mind releases random images stored away in neural chemistry that float to the surface of my dreamy consciousness.  I’ve often thought this is the state of mind I want to be in when I die, so I’d just drift away, returning to the blackness of nothingness while my awareness floats between two notes.

JWH – 1/8/10   

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