Dinosaur Dreams

Last night I had another dinosaur dream.  I dreamed I was with two people that time traveled to the past and lived in a large compound.  In this dream I was my making my first jump to the past and was being shown around by the others.  The opening scene I shifted from now to then and sat with two other people at a table outside.  Behind these two I saw a T. Rex approaching and then watched the monster rushed up, opened its mouth to consume one of my companions, and was surprised when it bit down on an invisible barrier.  The other two had completely ignored Mr. T.  Then the scene shifted to teenagers sneaking out of the back of the compound to where there were no barriers.  The tension in the dream increased as I woke up.

Coming out of REM sleep into consciousness I was amazed at the clarity of the dream, and it’s movie like structure.  It had been so vivid and fluid as if my dream projector had upgraded to high definition.  In recent years I’ve been noticing that my dreams are more story like, as if my many MFA writing classes helped my mind at an unconscious level.

I’ve been dreaming about dinosaurs since I was four years old, which is odd because I don’t remember learning about dinosaurs until I went to grade school.  We had television back in 1955-56, so I probably saw something that struck a chord with my dream programming and it implanted a subroutine that pops up every year or two.  I still remember that first dinosaur dream, although it’s very vague.  In this dream people were slaves to dinosaurs and we worked in a pit cleaning up dinosaur shit.  What would Freud do with that?

Dinosaur dreams are scary dreams, although after childhood they quit being nightmares and just turned into action adventures with lots of thrills.  The plot of these dreams basically deal with running and avoiding being eaten, which could be a metaphor for lots of things.  I’ve been thinking about global warming again, so maybe last night’s T. Rex stood in for it. 

A common story is being in a house or large building and having the dinosaurs trying to reach in through the windows to get me and others King Kong style.  The theme is always big versus little, and I really identified with William Tenn’s classic 1968 novel, Of Monsters and Men, where giant aliens have invaded Earth and humans live like mice.  I’ve even had some alien dreams like that.

Normally in my dreams when people-size bad things try to get me I kill them in horribly ways, but not in dinosaur dreams.  I suppose they represent things too big to kill.  It sure would be thrilling to whip out a RPG and send a grenade into Mr. Rex’s big mouth and watch it’s head explode into bits.  Evidently my inner computer figures global warming can’t be solved that way.

I wonder, do other people have dinosaur dreams.  I’ve never met anyone who told me about one, nor have I read a book that mentions them.  Even though they are a bit scary I enjoy my occasional dino rerun.


6 thoughts on “Dinosaur Dreams”

  1. I just last week had a dream of a T rex. I thoght it was pretty cool, i found ur blog by trying to find a definition in an online dream dictonary for the T rex. Its very cool that ur dreams upgraded to Hd,lol, mine have always been like this. In mine, i always feel as if im sitting in a theater and watching my dream as a movie, its really cool to me!!
    But the T rex dream was awesome, i was kina scared of him, but he seemed in the dream as if to be a pet,lol.

  2. Hey nice post! I’ll share my dino dream with you if you don’t mind 😀
    Also I’m a lucid dreamer, so it’s very easy for me to remember most of my dreams…

    “I was in a room with lots of my friends and family. It was kind of like that cafe from Jurassic Park. The only distinct faces I remember were; Papa (grandfather) Savta (grandmother) Micah (little brother) and my mom. There were platforms that were about 10ft off the floor in the ‘cafe’.
    Somehow I knew that Velociraptors were coming to eat us all. So I lifted my family onto these platforms. Then I stared down two Raptors and broke their necks.
    Micah, Savta and mom kept getting down from these platforms, even though the Raptors kept coming. I had to keep putting them back up.”

    And that was the end of that dream. It was really weird though, because most of the time I dream about dragons, and dinosaurs were always my friends in my dreams. Even as a child, my imaginary friend was a Velociraptor.

  3. Heya,

    I too have had a dinosaur dream. Well the funny thing is..I don’t even remember it being a dream…But obviously it had to be.. .. I was about 5 years old at the time, (29 years ago)

    I remember it was a nice sunny day, and I was walking along the beach with my parents and two younger brothers. I remember running around and being ahead of the group as little 5 year olds do.. When the next minute I looked up and saw what I believe to be one of those long neck dinosaurs (Apartosaurus) It was HUGE!! and I was soo scared! I thought it was going to eat me and my family. Instead it reached down with its long neck and took a big bite on some nearby vegetation. It just stood there in broad daylight chewing. Haha, And the weird thing was…Nobody around seemed to care. There were cars on the road close by, and a few people walking around on the beach..and nobody seemed to be bothered..or terrified!
    It was as if I was the only person to see this dinosaur.

    It was soo real!! I mean, Ive had many dreams.. but this was the most vivid, real like dream i have ever had.
    And of all things..a dinosaur!
    When I watched that movie jurassic park for the first time.. It was like that kind of realism. Only it wasnt a movie.
    Soo strange!.. And that was it..Ive never had that dream again to this day.

  4. I never remember my dreams; maybe once or twice a year, and then they’re fuzzy. Last night I had en epic dream that eventually ended up with a group of people on an island who I thought of as my family but I didn’t really know or care about. Since I usually dream in third person (like my view is from a floating camera or something), I think there was one person who represented me but again, not sure. The people were walking under a giant rock arch, and the T rex (which everyone knew were on the island, ugh I wish I knew how I knew that…) silently hopped over it so he was standing above them in a narrow rock canyon. When he landed, however, one of his claw/talon/toe nails broke off on the rock, falling down and landing point up next to the people. It had weird etchings on it, and my camera angle was now from right beside them: incidentally, his claw was about six feet tall, so this T rex might have been bigger than normal. They all looked up, and a guy screamed run, and the T rex began to jump down the rock face as people ran off into the jungle. One girl (the one I think was me) seemed to be getting away okay, but two other people hesitated and ended up running right in front of the T rex. Dunno if they made it, the last thing I remember is them running into the bush with the T rex right behind. Unlike other people here, it wasn’t particularly scary, probably because I didn’t have a body to worry about? Does anyone else dream in third person?

    1. Mia, I’ve had some third person dreams too. I wonder if movies and books POV techniques have influenced our dreaming mechanisms?

      Or maybe the illusion of third person comes from the idea that dreams are symbols and the people that represent us in dreams can be seen from both inside and out. I don’t know. Next Tuesday NOVA, the PBS science show is going to feature dreaming.

      Mia, I’m glad you took the time to post your dream. I think it’s fascinating that I’m getting a growing collection of dinosaur dreams.

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